TU-1012 600W 12 Transducer Ultrasonic Cleaner



The TU-1018 Is the ultimate stand-alone ultrasonic cleaner
With 12 TOP of the line transducers
Frequency settings from 17 to 120 KHz
Unbelievable Power

Multi Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaner
Ultrasonic power:600W Capacity:45L

Frequency: 25/28/40Khz
Heating power:1500W
Material:SUS304 thickness2.0-3.0mm
Voltage:AC110±10%V or AC220 ±10%V 50/60Hz
Inner tank dimension:500*300*300mm (20 x 12 x 12inch)
12 gallon

1. Digital control on the time (9hours 59minutes), temperature (0-100℃), ultrasonic power (0-100%adjustale).
2. LCD display, easy to observe the accurate working state and maintain.
3. One key to start degassing, which ensure the better cleaning performance.
4. Overload protection, minimum water level protection.
5. CE/FCC/ROHS certificated two-year guarantee.