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GDI Fuel Injector Tester & Cleaner  / 12v conventional

M-5000 GDI

The difference between two GDI machines, this unit come with standard automotive side feed adapters ” GDI and 12v ”

With the power of true GDI technology, two screens

Most online machines that say GDI, do not have proper software, or any GDI software

They send high current and keep injector charger during the duration of the pulse.

This type of testing will damage injector.

The M-5000 GDI is perfect for high voltage injectors 115 psi, no problem


Features and Functions:

With the power of  True GDI Technology, Two Screens

Most online machines that say GDI, do not have software for the multifunction pulsing of the GDI Injector

They send a high voltage current and keep injector charged at high voltage the entire time.

This type of testing will damage injector.

The M-5000 GDI is Perfect for all high Voltage Injectors

Marine fuel injector cleaning and testing machine includes stand-alone Ultrasonic Cleaner.

The M-5000 is our precision marine workhorse; computer controlled for accuracy and ease of operation. The M-5000 is equipped with high-capacity circuitry allowing it to handle the extended rigors of marine-specific fuel injectors in addition to flow testing and cleaning 98% of all marine fuel injectors.

Weighing in 40 Lbs heavier than the general online machine.

Premium computer board with more Power, able to run Low impedance injectors as low as 1 ohm.

Opti air/fuel and HPDI no problem

Inline Bosch style fuel pump, Ohm readings and external fuel filter.
The strongest technical support, all products stocked, assembled and or manufactured in Florida.

All the power you need is in this machine.

Run consistent @ 115 psi for GDI, able to run higher pressures for direct injection.

Perfect for two strokes.

Includes all adapters for GDI and 12v conventional injectors.

Low impedance is not a problem

Comes with standard cleaner, or opt up to the XP-5200 three transducer ultrasonic cleaner.

includes seal kit for GDI and for standard 12v fuel injectors

What’s Included?

Tu-4060 Ultrasonic Cleaner

Top Feed Adapters 6 different part numbers

Side Feed adapters