Fuel Injector Ultrasonic Fluid




Fuel Injector Ultrasonic cleaning Fluid-solution

Concentrate 2-4 ounces per gallon, Makes 8 to 16 gallons

The industry standard for fuel injector discrepancy is 4%

Pro Charge Injectors has never believed those stats.

After working tirelessly for over two years we have developed A product that is very aggressive, but not enough to damage the injector.

To clean the injectors properly you also need a quality ultrasonic cleaner.

So we developed our own cleaners “AMERICAN ULTRASONICS”

American Ultrasonics using multi-frequency technology is the cutting edge of ultrasonics.

Even our smaller units may not be multi-frequency, but are the best of there class.

For the best results of fuel injector cleaning we recommend the XP-5200, this is a upgrade from our standard model

that is already the best small cleaner. Difference XP-5200 has three quality transducers compared to any small 1.5l cleaner that has only one.

Also the XP-5200 has A degas function to get rid of any air bubbles that might effect frequencies and the power to properly heat to 50^

All of this is very important to get the best results, most times down to .2 discrepancy

This chemical has a  variety of applications

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 7 × 13 in

1 GALLON BOTTLE $59.95, 2 GALLON CASE $99.95, 4 GALLON CASE $159.95