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About Fuel Injectors Inc.

Who we are…

At Fuel Injectors Inc, we’ve been involved with fuel injectors since before the last car, the Subaru Justy.

The Problem (The Opportunity)
Over time, fuel injectors get dirty. The tiny nozzles that regulate the fine mist of fuel to each cylinder become gummed or varnished. Detergent additives help but the introduction of ethanol to fuel has compounded the problem. Poor injector performance reduces engine performance. Symptoms range from poor starting and rough idling to loss of power and reduced mileage. Gas tank additives designed to clean injectors while you drive provide limited to no positive results.

The Solution (Your Opportunity)
A specially designed diagnostic machine that uses ultrasonics can test, recondition and optimize most fuel injectors to their original output. Spray patterns and flow rates are fully restored. Injectors that have suffered serious and long term neglect can be reconditioned with this machine and a few very inexpensive parts. Until recently, the machines used to test and recondition fuel injectors have been prohibitively expensive so the start up costs to provide this service was steep. Fuel Injectors, Inc. machines are the new alternative. Based on the same principles, and engineered to the same exacting specifications as their expensive counterparts, Fuel Injectors, Inc. machines allow you to offer this necessary and profitable service at a fraction of the typical start up cost.

The Process
• Test the injectors – Verify the root cause of engine problems. And, based on the results, determine if ultrasonic cleaning is necessary.
• Clean all injectors for best results – a typical charge of $25 – $40 per injector (most makes) should be sufficient to test and recondition.
• Test new or reconditioned fuel injectors and confirm that all injectors are within tolerance; avoid engine damage caused by even new injectors that are out of spec.
• Provide your customer with a full report generated by the software that shows each injector’s performance before and after testing and optimization.

What’s Included
Each Fuel Injector Optimizer™ system purchased from Fuel Injectors, Inc. includes:
• the machine most appropriate to your application.
• an easy to read manual with plenty of diagrams and photos.
• enough parts to rebuild 10 injectors.
• Access to our exclusive FII Academy video courses. We continually add to our short, to the point videos covering every aspect of setting up and operating your FI Optimizer™ Online videos can be viewed at your leisure, as many times as you need to feel confident that you’ve mastered every technique.
• And, to top things off, we provide unlimited phone and email support to ensure that you’re up and running quickly.
• a 90-day warranty on parts and equipment.
• a unique, 30-day Total Satisfaction commitment*
*If you are not satisfied with your Fuel Injectors, Inc. machine,
return it at your expense anytime within the first 30 days
for a full refund.