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Automobile & Marine Fuel Injector Testing

Fuel Injector maintenance is a segment of the automotive and marine service industry that has enormous growth potential. Why?

1. All vehicles now have fuel injectors. We don’t rebuild carburetors anymore. However, there is a need to rebuild or recondition fuel injectors periodically to restore optimum performance.

2. Ethanol in gasoline gums up fuel injectors quicker than ever and Congress has considered mandating a greater percentage of ethanol in fuel. It may cut our dependency on oil but it plays havoc with internal combustion engines. The good news is, reconditioning fuel injectors solves the problem.

3. Optimum performance is essential to preserving a motor’s power, longevity and gas mileage. A clean air filter and regular oil changes do help. However, reconditioned fuel injectors have the greatest potential to show immediate and dramatic improvement in engine performance and gas mileage.

4. Until recently, repair shop owners had two options: replace the injectors with costly new ones or, replace the injectors with costly reconditioned ones supplied by a third party. Why? Because the equipment needed to do the job was too expensive and not readily available.

Professional and Affordable Fuel Injector Testing

Fuel Injectors, Inc. was founded on the assumption that if high-quality testing and maintenance equipment was affordable, a market for it would be created overnight. It turns out we were right. Stop trying to convince your automotive or marine customer to buy expensive new injectors. Why should you pay most of your profit to someone else to do the reconditioning for you? Now you are able to provide this service yourself. Your customer will save money and your profits will go up. Lower prices and speedy turnaround make it a no-brainer. A customer can take his mechanic’s advice to perform routine maintenance that greatly improves his or her vehicle’s performance and increased mileage. This is exactly what is happening. With high-quality equipment available at affordable prices you can establish yourself now and increase your bottom line dramatically starting on day one.

How will Fuel Injectors, Inc. Testing and Equipment Make Money for You?

1. You now have a professional alternative for a potential customer who balks at the high price of new injectors. Instead of telling him to dump some stuff into his gas tank and hope it works, you can provide testing, specific results, and reconditioning that will guarantee his motor will run like new – all for a price that makes him happy and makes you profit.

2. If you are located near any kind of venue that hosts racing with internal combustion engines, you have the potential for a loyal and repeat customer base. From stock cars and dragsters to powerboats and mud boggers, all high-performance vehicle owners look for every advantage they can get. Clean fuel injectors make a critical difference in an engine’s power output and in the case of turbocharged engines, they can make the difference in a blown engine.

3. If you’re a Parts Store owner, you can open up a new profit center. Parts stores can’t possibly keep every make and model of injector on their shelves at all times. Now you can develop a test and recondition service that not only attracts consumers but also local repair shops that don’t have their own equipment.

Simple Process. Low Startup Costs. Immediate Return on Investment

Like the Personal Computer revolution, Fuel Injectors, Inc. testing and reconditioning machines eliminate the exclusivity barrier from fuel injector maintenance and allow any automotive or marine technician to provide this simple and profitable service. For a small investment in equipment and a minimal inventory of inexpensive small parts like O-rings, you can be in business today and turning a profit tomorrow.

We also provide Training, Marketing, and Technical Support.

After many years of being immersed in this world of fuel injectors, we’ve developed an effective training system so someone like you and your employees can quickly and painlessly operate your Fuel Injector Optimizer™ with total confidence and learn a thing or two about how to communicate the benefits of this service to your customers. They’ll notice improved performance as well as better gas mileage right away.

When you sign up with us, we’ll provide you password access to our FII Academy, a collection of short video courses that are online so you can view them at your convenience and as often as you like until you’ve confidently mastered each step. The mini-courses take you through set-up and operation as well as explore proven ideas that could help you grow your business and increase your income substantially.

We Want You to Succeed

We’ll help you build your business with posters, counter cards, and written content that makes it easy for any customer to understand the importance of the service. Everyone can appreciate the low cost compared to other alternatives and the benefits they can expect. Our goal is to make sure you succeed.

In addition to our online mini-courses, extra tech support required for the set-up and operation of your Fuel Injector Optimizer™ is never more than an email or phone call away. Yes, you will have access to our direct line and we do take all calls.