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Fuel Injector Machine Cleaning Systems Designed for Marine and Automotive Fuel Injectors

M-5000 Marine Fuel Injector Tester and Cleaner™

The M-5000 Marine Optimizer™ Deluxe six-cylinder bench-top unit includes top and side feed fuel rails and a stand-alone Ultrasonic Cleaner. The M-5000 is our precision marine workhorse, which is computer-controlled for accuracy and ease of use. With its high-capacity circuitry, the M-5000 can test and clean 98% of all automotive fuel injectors, as well as handle the extended rigors of marine fuel injectors.

A-2000 Automotive Optimizer™

Featured is an eight-cylinder bench-top with top and side feed fuel rails as well as a stand-alone ultrasonic cleaner. Additionally, the A-2000 is the best-in-class precision automotive cleaner. It is also computer-controlled in order to ensure accuracy and convenience. With the A-2000, you are getting a high-capacity circuit design. This design enables extended use with automotive-specific fuel injectors. Also, the unit is capable of testing and cleaning more than 98% of all automotive fuel injectors.

Quality Products Since 1998

Fuel injector machine cleaning systems are designed to work. We’ve sold fuel injectors since 1998 and a complete range of fuel injector optimization equipment since 2008. No one knows more and no one does it better! In addition, we provide our customers with the right equipment and a complete line of supplies. Lastly, we supply all necessary training to set up, operate, and maintain an efficient and profitable full-service fuel injector.

It’s Our Name. It’s Our Business.

In our quest to excel at our own business we needed peak performance fuel injector machine equipment. Therefore, we purchased equipment from every manufacturer searching for fuel injector cleaning machines that met our requirements. Dissatisfied with the performance or quality we found, we had to upgrade and improve everything that came into our shop with our own innovations. As a result, we now assemble what many consider to be the best performing and the best value line of fuel injector optimization equipment in the market. Above all, we proudly stand behind our products as the most reliable, the highest quality, and best value.

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